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  • £14.00

These wonderful kits for kids come with all they need to make their very own sock puppet. 

Whether they would like feathers for ears or pompoms for eyes. It's up to them to choose their designs.

The kit comes with:

One sock, Pipe-cleaners, feathers, ribbons, mixed fabric pieces, buttons, glue, scissors, needle & thread.

Plus template sheet with instructions.

They can glue the shapes on but, will have to wait for the glue to dry for it to be secure.

 You can also support your child by helping them to sew the pieces on using the needle and thread provided.

. When all the glue is dry you can then remove the paper from inside and you will be left with a beautifully handmade sock puppet to play with for hours. Why not try to write a story to match the character of the puppet too.

Full Arty Packs will be sent to each address and will contain all of the materials you will need.  

Our craft packs will be posted directly to your door.

If ordering more than 2 packs, extra embellishments will be added too.