Mosaic Bespoke Door Number Plaques


Add a sense of colourful whimsy to your home’s exterior with these beautiful hand made, one of a kind door number mosaic plaques. Set your home apart from the rest and bring your own funky style to your front door.

Costs and sizes:

Single digit plaque L 15cm x W 14cm: £36 + p&p

Two digit plaque L 15cm x W 24cm:  £46 + p&p

Three digit plaque L 15cm x W 30cm:£56 + p&p

                                                               Four digit plaque L 15cm x W 30cm: £66 + p&p

The backing is waterproof ply and the mosaic pieces are mixed coloured glass, mirror,

ceramic and broken crockery.

Made with drill holes in the top corners, so installation is easy.

The making of the door number plaque will take about 2-3 weeks once paid for.

(If you want specialised colours, which may not be in my stash of mosaic pieces, extra costs will be incurred.)

 To see examples of other door numbers or to checkout my other collections, please go to my online Etsy shop                     



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